River City Girls 2 dev talks creating new characters and updating old ones

With River City Girls 2 coming out this year we got talking with the developers about what it takes to create the sequel.


Fans of River City Girls are eagerly anticipating the release of the sequel, River City Girls 2. We recently had the pleasure of speaking with Bannon Rudis, Director at WayForward, about what went into creating the sequel. Rudis opened up about including two new characters and the process of updating some of the classic characters’ moves.

Two new additions are joining the River City Girls 2 line-up in the form of Provie and Marian. Provie appeared in the River City Ransom Underground and is a returning character while Marian showed up in Double Dragon. Because these two fighters are new, they have new and exciting moves. In order to freshen up the older characters, Rudis went back and gave them a touch up. “I went back to the old characters and give them all a glow up,” Rudis told Shacknews. “They all have new techniques, new combos, and new moves.”

Beyond the addition of new characters and an update to player moves, Rudis spoke about the popularity of the River City Girls titles, the soundtrack for the new game, and also mentioned the game will be 4-players and have online capabilities.

River City Girls 2 is scheduled to release sometime this year and will be available on all platforms. If you want to hear more about exciting new video games, check out the GamerHubTV YouTube channel where you can hear directly from the mouths of the developers! There’s also the Shacknews YouTube channel for guides and exclusive gameplay.

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