Fast Travel Games announce Ghost Signal: A Stellaris Game for VR

The team at Fast Travel Games is taking the Stellaris franchise into the realm of VR with the upcoming Ghost Signal.


Many VR gamers are familiar with Fast Travel Games’ work on Cities: VR or any of their other VR titles. Now, Fast Travel is teaming up with Paradox Interactive to bring its Stellaris franchise to the world of VR with Ghost Signal: A Stellaris Game for the Meta Quest 2.

A giant space worm alien floating in space.

Source: Fast Travel Games

The news came via a press release that announced the two companies’ partnership. While the original Stellaris was a 4X RTS title, it would appear that Ghost Signal: A Stellaris Game will be a roguelite experience with players commanding a spaceship and meeting aliens that can end up being friends or foes. In the press release the game is described as follows:

“This virtual reality action roguelite set in Paradox Interactive’s hit galactic universe tasks players with captaining a ship and setting out amongst the stars in search of the enigmatic Ghost Signal.”

“Ghost Signal: A Stellaris Game envelops players in a vast ocean of stars where they will meet mysterious aliens, encounter planet-sized creatures, and engage in dynamic space battles. During their journey, players can scan exotic beings for their logbook, conduct research in multiple tech trees, and more.”

Right now there’s not many more details on Ghost Signal: A Stellaris Game, nor is there a release date. However, we’ll be sure to keep you posted as more details come to light. Until then, you can check out the details on the game's official website expect to see Ghost Signal on the Meta Quest 2 platform sometime in the future.

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