Solium Infernum is looking like one hell of a reboot

The team at League of Geeks has been hard at work making Hell only slightly more approachable.


It’s not every day that a little-known game gets a full reboot. While it didn’t receive a whole lot of attention when it launched in 2009, Solium Infernum struck a chord with those who did play it. The game focuses entirely on political intrigue and making tough decisions, all set to a classic turn-based system. The hook? The game is set in Hell as you fight for the ultimate hot seat. Now, the team at League of Geeks has purchased the IP and is set to release a reboot of the iconic title.

We recently had the pleasure of speaking with Trent Kusters, League of Geeks co-founder, about the Solium Infernum reboot. For those not in the know, Solium Infernum is a political strategy game set in Hell, where the player’s main goal is to outwit, outmaneuver, and combat the hellish host in order to claim victory.

How the team decided to reboot Solium Infernum is quite the story. Kusters explains that back in 2009, fellow co-founder Ty Carey came to him with this new obsession over a video game. The whole Hell-based political game resonated with the team, and since then, Carey had been in correspondence with the original creator, Vic Davis. When looking for the next project to create, the game was still in Ty's mind. So, the team tapped Davis on the shoulder and a pact was made.

Though this is a reboot, Kusters states, “We wanted to remain incredibly faithful to the game.” The original game was dense and nigh impenetrable, with the user experience being less of a learning curve and more of a vertical wall. To help get players into the game without having to read a 50-page manual, the team overhauled the UI and UX.

If you’ve never heard of Solium Infernum, or you have but were dissuaded due to the entry requirement, then the Solium Infernum reboot is the perfect opportunity to dive in. Make sure you check out the entire interview, as Kusters offers some other great insights into the game (like the multiplayer, spells, and other tweaks to the original). You can wishlist Solium Infernum on Steam and check out League of Geeks for more updates.  The team is currently aiming for a 2023 release window. While you’re out there, stop by the GamerHubTV YouTube channel for more exclusive developer interviews.

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