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Learn about the Salmon Run ranks and how they affect your Grizzco Point earnings in Splatoon 3.


Salmon Run Next Wave is Splatoon 3’s take on the popular PVE mode. As players team up to defend against waves of foes, they’ll notice their ranks (or titles) increasing. The changing titles are important as it increases the difficulty of the Salmon Run and has a direct impact on how many Grizzco Points you can earn. Below you’ll find each Salmon Run rank as well as an explanation of the pay grade system and how Grizzco Points are calculated.

Salmon Run ranks

Image shows a boss from Salmon Run in Splatoon 3

Source: Nintendo

There are a total of 10 ranks to work through in Salmon Run in Splatoon 3. While most ranks have their own name, the Profreshional rank is split into four different areas. Each rank exists on a 0 to 99 scale with the player moving to the next rank once they hit 99. According to the Splatoon Wiki, the final rank, Eggsecutive VP, has a 0 to 999 scale.

  1. Intern
  2. Apprentice
  3. Part-Timer
  4. Go-Getter
  5. Overachiever
  6. Profreshional Part-Timer
  7. Profreshional +1
  8. Profreshional +2
  9. Profreshional +3
  10. Eggsecutive VP

The Intern rank is what each player will start at the first time they unlock Salmon Run. To level up to Apprentice, players must complete two tutorial missions. In order to move up the other ranks, players must successfully complete a Salmon Run. Failure to complete all three waves may yield a demotion.

Grizzco Points

While playing Salmon Run, players will be earning Grizzco Points. These points are used to purchase items from Mr Grizz’s shop. How many Grizzco Points are earned depends on the player’s rank and performance and is displayed at the end of the match in the Job Review:

Job Score * Pay Grade + Clear Bonus = Grizzco Points

Splatoon Wiki offers the following equation for how these points are calculated (* means multiply and / means divide):

(Golden Eggs + Power Eggs / 200)(Pay Grade / 100) + 50 * X = Grizzco Points

The value of X changes based on success or failure:

  • X = 1 if all 3 waves are cleared
  • X = 2 if the King Salmonid is defeated
  • X = 0 in all other instances

It gets a bit complicated, but each Salmon Run rank has two distinct pay grades. For example, being Apprentice (49) nets you 150 percent while being Apprentice (50) rewards you 155 percent. Again, Splatoon Wiki offers the following breakdown of the pay grade for each rank:

Salmon Run Ranks & Pay Grade Scale
Title / Rank Paygrade (Rank Points 0 - 49) Paygrade (Rank Points 50-99)
Intern (2 tutorials) 100% 100%
Apprentice (0 - 99) 150% 155%
Part-Timer (0 - 99) 160% 165%
Go-Getter (0 - 99) 170% 175%
Overachiever (0 - 99) 180% 185%
Profreshional Part-Timer (0 - 99) 190% 195%
Profreshional +1 (0 - 99) 200% 205%
Profreshional +2 (0 - 99) 210% 215%
Profreshional +3 (0 - 99) 220% 225%
Eggsecutive VP (0 - 999) Unknown Unknown
Image shows a Job Review in Salmon Run with an equation working out Grizzco Points earned in Splatoon 3

For those that would like an example of this equation working, we can use the numbers from my game (seen above) and plug them into the equation. At the end of the match, I was an Apprentice (60) which means my Pay Grade was 155 percent:

(Golden Eggs + Power Eggs / 200)(Pay Grade / 100) + 50 * X = Grizzco Points
(23 + 1154 / 200)(155 / 100) + 50 * 1
(23 + 5.77)(1.55) + 50
28 * 1.55 + 50
= 93.4

It’s worth noting that Splatoon 3 rounds to the nearest, lower integer. So even though my Power Egg number should have rounded up to 6, the game just drops anything after the decimal.

Once the Grizzco Points are calculated, you’ll see the Bonus Meter fill as you approach your next reward. Early on, a reward is offered at every 100 points. While you are earning rewards in Salmon Run, you will also be leveling up your Catalog.

Hopefully that clears up some of the confusion and complexity surrounding Salmon Run ranks and Grizzco Point earnings in Splatoon 3. This system will take a bit of getting used to for newcomers but the short of it is that the more you play and the better you perform, the tougher the Salmon Runs but the better the rewards. Swim on over to the Shacknews Splatoon 3 page for more information to help you claim victory.

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