Deceive Inc. interview: Getting to know the spies

There's subterfuge afoot in the upcoming Deceive Inc. and we spoke to Sweet Bandit Studios to learn more.


Not too long ago, publisher Tripwire Interactive branched out from killer mutants, angry sharks, and medieval warfare to explore the wonderful world of espionage. Deceive Inc. brings friends together for some good old-fashioned heisting and we've been excited to see the game's development over the course of this year. In fact, we were happy to meet up with them again at PAX West to learn more about what developer Sweet Bandit Studios has in the works.

Sweet Bandit's Carole-Ann Perron talks about Deceive Inc.'s stealth-based formula, which includes the ability to transform into everyday objects. Don't trust anything, as we learned from this interview, not even the toilet. Perron also talks about the importance of watching your supplies, making sure you're completing your objectives, and dives into the specific characters who will be entering this world of espionage.

We recently had a chance to go hands-on with Deceive Inc. and explore just what sort of treachery we can expect.

Deceive Inc. is a competitive game in which you can either fly solo or join up with a squad of two other spies. After being inserted into a map, you are disguised as a local individual. Using holographic technology, you can regularly disguise yourself as various other AI-controlled NPCs wandering around, including waiting staff, security, and scientists. All the while, you wander around the massive map discovering intel and using it to unlock doors that will allow you deeper into the facility. Your main goal is to break into the inner facility, steal a target briefcase, and escape with both the briefcase and your life.

The problem is that there are other spies disguised as NPCs and they’re looking to accomplish the same mission as you. It’s a game of cat and cat and cat and also cat, but everyone is disguised as mice and you never know when they’ll show their claws. Add to this that there are a variety of different spies to play and each brings their own niche to the table. For instance, Squire has a silenced pistol and an ability that scans a room and tells him if there are important items in it, like door-opening keycards. Madame Xiu was my go-to. She had an auto crossbow weapon and could cast a ray that allowed her to jump into the disguise of a different target at range… unless they were a spy! In that case both of you would be exposed and your cover could be blown until you either die or hide again.

Deceive Inc. is expected to release in 2023 on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S. For more interviews and videos like this, be sure to subscribe to Shacknews and GamerHubTV on YouTube.

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