Arcadian Atlas interview with lead producer at PAX West 2022

We learned more about Arcadian Atlas at PAX West 2022, including some of the ways in which the game feels like a spiritual successor to FF Tactics.


We featured Arcadian Atlas in our Shacknews Indie Showcase earlier this year and were delighted to be able to catch up with the team once more at PAX West 2022. Not only did we get the opportunity to see the game first-hand, but our own Blake Morse met up with the game’s Lead Producer, Ryan Tagawa, to dive even deeper into the game, starting with how the game takes classic inspirations like Final Fantasy Tactics and gives them a modern twist. 

Tagawa goes on to talk about how Arcadian Atlas is being developed by a team of four people, and how the reception to the game has been positive across a number of different fronts. 

It sounds like tactical RPG fans looking for a great, compelling story will certainly want to keep their eyes on Arcadian Atlas. And, if you’re eager to learn even more about it, be sure to watch the full interview with Ryan Tagawa at PAX West 2022 on GamerHubTV. While you’re there, be sure to subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already, and subscribe to the Shacknews channel as well for even more awesome interview content. 

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