Dead Cells new Boss Rush mode detailed at PAX West 2022

We learned more about the new Boss Rush mode coming to Dead Cells.


At PAX West 2022, the Shacknews crew including our own Blake Morse had the opportunity to conduct a number of interviews including one with Matt, one of the Marketing Managers at Evil Empire, to learn more about the new Boss Rush mode coming to Dead Cells.

According to Matt, the Boss Rush mode is coming out “in about a month” and will feature four different routes where players will fight all of Dead Cell’s bosses, one right after the other.

Not only will you face back-to-back bosses, but the team has also made them harder to fight. While the bosses are all ones that are already in the game, Matt notes that these enhanced versions are kind of like new bosses in that some have extra attacks and added moves.

There are other new goodies for players to look forward to in the upcoming update as well including a new weapon, new mutation, outfits, and new Legendary Affixes, along with a cool statue that players will be able to customize in-game as they beat the various bosses in Boss Rush mode.

For more on what you can look forward to with the upcoming Dead Cells update, including the exciting Boss Rush mode, be sure to watch the full interview on GamerHubTV. While you’re there, be sure to subscribe to the channel if you haven’t already, and subscribe to the Shacknews YouTube channel for even more awesome interview content.

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