Trackmania Games revamped esports event announced for 2024

The new Trackmania esports event will emphasize both competitive and creative elements.


With Trackmania about to expand beyond the PC gaming space, Ubisoft would like to broaden the score of the game's esports scene, as well. While the Trackmania Grand League will continue through the next year, the publisher has something a little different in mind for 2024. On Monday, Ubisoft announced the formation of the Trackmania Games.

A multiplayer race coming down a curve in Trackmania

Source: Ubisoft

The Trackmania Games will be held in Paris, France in Summer 2024 and will be open to players from across the globe. While the event will be looking for the best competitive players in the world, it will also be seeking out the most creative. While the post on the Trackmania website doesn't provide many specifics, it appears that Ubisoft will be looking for both the best racers and the best track builders to be part of this event. There are few other details regarding what the Trackmania Games will look like, but Ubisoft does note that the 2023 Trackmania Grand League will go on as normal and pave the way for this revamped event.

It was a big weekend for Trackmania and for Ubisoft as a whole. During Saturday's Ubisoft Forward event, the publisher announced that the free-to-play racer would expand beyond its PC boundaries. Look for the game to come to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Google Stadia, and Amazon Luna in early 2023.

We'll keep an eye on this story in the months ahead and eagerly await any further word on the future of Trackmania esports. We'll report back with any news as it comes in, so keep watching Shacknews.

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      I picked up Tarckmania 2020 as soon as it came out, but started to tire of it after about 9 months. However, I was playing for 30 minutes to an hour every day of those 9 months, playing the track of the day to set my best time. I did continue to play a bit after that for a few more months but haven't really played since my initial year subscription ran out.
      They did add some interesting water and obstacle track pieces last year, along with a new mode. Hopefully they add more interesting track pieces with bringing the game to consoles.

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