Hrushikesh Sagar is the new Tesla VP of Gigafactory Operations following management shakeup

Sagar will not only serve as VP of Gigafactory Operations, but will also oversee Tesla's plant in Fremont, California.


In recent leaked audio from an internal Tesla meeting, and reports from outlets like CNBC, it was revealed that Hrushikesh “Hrushi” Sagar has been promoted to VP of Gigafactory Operations. The promotion comes after former VP, Chris Lister, left the company over the summer. Not only will Hrushikesh Sagar step into the role formerly held by Chris Lister as VP of Gigafactory Operations, Sagar will report directly to CEO Elon Musk and will also oversee Tesla’s plant in Fremont, California.

“I really appreciate what Chris Lister did here, Chris’s contribution. I’m very thankful, like Elon, and Tesla is very thankful, for his contribution, but at the same time now we are moving on to the next phase,” Sagar said, as quoted by CNBC.

Front view of Tesla's Fremont, California factory.
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Tesla’s Gigafactory, located in Reno, Nevada, currently manufactures battery packs and backup batteries (Powerwall, Megapack) along with power trains for Tesla’s electric vehicles. It’s seen impressive output recently as well, having produced 283,473 power trains in Q2 2022.

Stepping into his new role, Sagar went on to speak with hundreds of Gigafactory employees about recent management changes, factory milestones, and “aggressive new goals” for the facility. Sagar noted Tesla manufactured around 134,000 vehicles in its Fremont factory during Q2 2022, with August being a record month for production at the facility.

While the Fremont factory is able to manufacture approximately 12,000 cars per week, it’s now aiming for 14,000 per week. Speaking with Gigafactory employees, Sagar suggested they think of the Fremont factory as their “customer” and pointed out that vehicle production at the facility is successful, or held back, based on shipping volumes and Gigafactory output quality.

Aerial view of Tesla's Fremont, California factory.
© Noah Berger, SF Chronicle

During the same meeting with Sagar, Gigafactory Site Leader, Eric Montgomery, told employees they’ll need to reach a steady output of 8,800 battery packs per week to help support Fremont’s new production goals. Other topics discussed during the meeting included August 2022 being the second-best month at the Gigafactory behind the record-breaking production period in October 2021.

Tesla is also on track to produce 442 Megapacks during Q3 2022 “representing an 85 percent growth over Megapack production in the previous three-month period” as reported by CNBC. The Gigafactory surpassed a production rate of 6,500 Powerwalls per week as well, with 37,600 Powerwalls made during Q2. The facility is on target to increase that number by 22 percent in Q3.

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