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Steve Jobs Archive launches with words of wisdom from the late Apple cofounder

The archive contains quotes from Steve Jobs over the years from emails sent to speeches given.


It’s been over a decade since Apple cofounder Steve Jobs passed away, but his legacy lives on both in terms of the company, and in the form of a new archive. Announced yesterday, the Steve Jobs Archive serves as a way to share Jobs’ words of wisdom with anyone who may have an interest in reading them.

The official Twitter account for the Steve Jobs Archive used a quote from 1994 to herald the archive’s launch, with the quote centered around having faith in people.

Meanwhile, if you visit the Steve Jobs Archive website you’ll see things like an email from 2010 on being reliant on others. Adding to this, you can scroll down and see shorter quotes including one from 2007 to “make something wonderful and put it out there” and a quote from his commencement address given at Stanford in 2005 noting, “trust that the dots will connect somehow.”

Expanding on the purpose of the archive, the “About Us” page explains:

Screenshot from the Steve Jobs Archive including quotes like 2007's 'make something and put it out there' and ones about trusting the dots will connect somehow from 2005.
© Steve Jobs Archive

To dig deeper into the archive and quotes from Steve Jobs, be sure to visit the Steve Jobs Archive website. For those that have checked it out, we’re curious what you think, and what some of your favorite quotes from Steve Jobs are. Let us know in Chatty! For more on Apple, be sure to read through some of our previous coverage as well including our recap of all the announcements made during the recent Apple Far Out Event livestream.

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