MultiVersus Season 1 September 7 patch notes updates character hitboxes

The latest update to MultiVersus increases Battle Pass XP match rewards and tweaks just about every character.


MultiVersus has received another updated for Season 1 on September 7. These patch notes offer a wealth of changes to characters, including hitbox updates to Arya, LeBrone, and Reindog. Players will also be pleased to hear that they will be earning more XP for winning and even losing a match. Take a look at the patch notes below!

MultiVersus Season 1 September 7 update patch notes

Image shows Batman, Harley Quinn, Jake, and Arya fighting in MultiVersus

Source: MultiVersus

The MultiVersus September 7 patch notes can be read in full over on the MultiVersus site or below! A handful of the perks received some fixes and tweaks while a lot of the fighters had their moves adjusted. Bugs Bunny, Finn and Iron Giant had some of their moves nerfed while LeBron has seen some buffs.


  • Morty will be arriving on 08/23! He will be our first Plumbus-wielding character!

Meta Systems

  • Free Rotation Characters now have an icon in character select to identify them
  • Battle Pass XP match rewards increased to 10 for wins and 5 for losses, up from 5 for wins and 3 for losses.
  • Disabled class based Battle Pass missions other than for Tanks
    • Developer Note: Since players might not have access to fighters in specific classes other than Tank (thanks to Wonder Woman), we felt like relying on rerolls was not a reliable enough method to work around those missions.
  • Lowered the requirements for a number of seasonal missions:
    • Ringout a player from the top of the map 50 times (previously 75)
    • Ringout a player from the side of the map 50 times (previously 75)
    • Ringout a player from the bottom of the map 50 times (previously 75)
    • Get 50 assists (previously 125)

Gameplay Systems

  • Ice Debuff - Movement speed slow at 1 stack reduced from 20% to 15%
  • Ability Cooldowns - fixed a bug where cooldowns would not trigger properly if used near an ally Jake

Gameplay Modes

  • FFA - Fixed a bug where pop up text would display the incorrect point value.


  • Announcer Pack - You can now preview a character's announcer pack before deciding to unlock it.


  • Various Bug Fixes
    • Fix for tutorials causing stage hazards to toggle off in other game modes.
    • Down spike tutorial has been fixed so that it requires an actual spike rather than any aerial attack.
    • The Reindog tether step of the intro tutorial no longer counts if you pull your ally in after they have been rung out.
    • Fix for Shaggy falling off the map during the aerial combat tutorial demo.
    • Added a wall to the second step of the KBI tutorial.

Glossary and Terms

  • New Terms
    • Added Wall Fatigue to the glossary.
    • Added the terms Block, Hazard, and Wipe to the glossary and updated move lists accordingly.

General Perks

  • Clear The Air - Increased consistency on perk effect.
  • Make it Rain, Dog! - Projectile speed is now properly applied to thrown items.
  • Painted Target - Fixed an issue where projectiles weren’t applying bonus damage
  • Retaliation Ready - Reduced unstacked gray health from 3 HP for 3 seconds to 1 HP for 3 seconds
  • School Me Once… - Increased consistency on projectile block spawn. Notable - getting hit by Jerry will now spawn a projectile block buff
  • Slippery When Feint - Fixed an issue where evade distance was not increased on hit cancels
  • Snowball Effect - Fixed an issue where projectiles weren’t applying bonus damage
  • Static Electricity - Increased consistency on projectile electric damage application. Notable - thrown items will now apply electricity


  • Air/Ground Up Special
    • Hitting a fighter will now more accurately launch them at an angle to allow follow-ups for Arya
  • Air Up Attack
    • The first hit will now more accurately combo into the second hit.
  • Neutral Air Attack
    • Now has earlier branching on hit.
  • Ground Side Attack
    • Arya will retain velocity on first hit of side attack.
  • Ground Down Attack
    • Now has slightly earlier dodge branching.
  • Air/Ground Neutral Special
    • Fixed a bug where Arya would not copy over capsule hitboxes on her normal neutral attacks when stealing a fighter's face.


  • Air/Ground Side Special
    • Fixed bug where Batman would overshoot his grapple destination if the fighter he was grappling to dodged.
  • Ground Side Attack
    • First hit added 3 frames of whiff recovery.

Bugs Bunny

  • Air Up Special
    • Fixed an exploit where Bugs could spawn two rockets.
  • Air Side Special
    • Fixed an exploit where Bugs could spawn two rockets.
  • Air/Ground Neutral Special
    • Fixed an exploit where Bugs could spawn multiple safes without triggering his cooldown.
  • Air Down Special
    • Bugs' previous tunnels will now disappear when creating new tunnels.
  • Air Up Attack
    • Added 4 frames of whiff recovery.
  • Air Side Attack
    • Increased whiff recovery by 5 frames.
  • Air Nuetral Attack
    • Increased whiff recovery by 5 frames.
  • Ground Down Attack
    • Pie max lifetime set to 8 seconds, from infinite.


  • On The House
    • Fixed an issue where Finn still spent gold on gems spawned by the perk
  • Passive
    • Attacks affected by Attack Decay no longer spawn coins
  • Air Down Special
    • Fixed an issue where the gem required 200 gold to spawn, but only cost 100 to spawn. Gem now requires and costs 100
  • Air Side Special
    • Added additional whiff recovery.
  • Ground/Air Up Special
    • Reduced the strength of the vacuum effect on the backpack
  • Air Side Attack
    • Reduced active frames to diminish Finn's ability to hit fighters behind him
  • Ground Down Attack
    • The distance Finn covers with this attack now scales with how charged the attack is.
  • Ground Side Attack
    • Increased whiff recovery for the first hit.


  • Air/Ground Neutral Special
    • Song activation starts earlier on frame 12 instead of frame 30.
  • Air/Ground Down Special
    • Fixed bug where Garnet would be stopped by Iron Giant's collision when she moves with her down special.
  • Air Neutral Attack
    • Slightly higher base knockback


  • Stuffie Bat
    • Harley bomb vfx shrunk to better match the explosion radius
  • Weight
    • Increased from 42 to 44.

Iron Giant

  • VFX
    • Global fighter VFX now better matches Iron Giant's size without making the screen too busy. Notable adjustments include Projectile Block buff, Speed Boost buff, and Steven Bubble debuff
  • Air/Ground Down Special
    • Fixed an issue where VFX trails would persist and fill up the screen
  • Air/Ground Neutral Special
    • Gray Health from activation reduced from 2 + #bolts HP for 5 seconds to #bolts HP for 3 seconds
  • Ground Forward Special
    • Iron Giant grabs are correctly blocked by incompatible states.
  • Air/Ground Up Special
    • Knockback angle changed to send fighters more horizontally and away from Iron Giant
  • Air Up Attack
    • Can no longer hit the same target multiple times
  • Air Neutral Attack
    • Final hit knockback angle changed to send fighters more horizontally and away from Iron Giant
  • Ground Up Attack
    • Gray Health from scrap reduced from 3 HP for 5 seconds to 2 HP for 3 seconds
  • Ground Forward Attack
    • Fixed attack decay not triggering for all parts of forward attack combo


  • Air Down Attack
    • Removed instant cancel out of the attack to prevent skateboard infinites
  • Ground Up Attack
    • Additional whiff recovery; Slightly later charge cancel window to make it a bit more committal


  • Hot Hands
    • When an ally catches a no-look pass while the Hot Hands perk is equipped, the basketball pass buff will emit flames to let allies know they will throw an ignited basketball
  • Air/Ground Side Special
    • LeBron's solo dunk no longer spawns a shockwave on the ground.
  • Ground/Air Down Special (No Ball)
    • Adjusted to prevent ball spam
  • Air Side Attack
    • Branches earlier on hit; fix for hitbox hitting behind him too much
  • Air Neutral Attack
    • Branches earlier on hit to increase combo potential.
  • Ground Side Attack/Ground Down Attack
    • Removed shared attack decay from side attack and down attack
  • Ground Side Attack
    • 3 hit combo hits more consistently.
  • Ground Neutral Attack
    • Fixed angle of attack.
  • Basketball
    • Fixed some team color issues that would occur when reflecting LeBron basketball.


  • Air Up Special
    • Removed hitpause on ally that threw Reindog when Reindog connects in ball form
  • Air/Ground Neutral Special
    • Increased cooldown from 13s to 14s
  • Air Up Attack
    • Hitbox size increased


  • Rage Air Side Special
    • Recovery increased by two frames; now better matches rage ground side special
  • Rage Ground Down Special
    • Shaggy's shockwave will launch fighters into a final hit that applies Weakened debuff.
  • Ground/Air Side Special
    • Added 4 additional frames of whiff recovery


  • Ground Down Special
    • Watermelon Steven ability cooldown now begins when Watermelon Steven is rung out.
  • Air Neutral Attack
    • No longer will animation hitch.
  • VO/SFX
    • Fixed an issue where Steven's intro VO lines failed to play.
  • Taunt
    • Fixed an issue where Steven could only perform his up taunt.


  • Ground Neutral Attack
    • Added additional whiff recovery.
  • Ground Up Attack
    • Added additional whiff recovery.
  • Ground Down Special
    • Added additional whiff recovery.


  • Chicken Debuff
  • Air/Ground Down Special
    • Adjusted projectile movement direction of Taz spit projectiles to be more forward and less of a lob.
  • Air/Ground Neutral Special
    • If Taz eats a projectile that can't be spit back out, he will refresh a count of his apple core ability.
  • Air/Ground Up Special
    • Damage reduced from 10 to 9 and base knockback reduced from 1500 to 1350
  • Air/Ground Side Special
    • Now a cooldown move with a 7-second cooldown. While the cooldown is active, side special is a weaker version of the tornado.
  • Ground Up Attack
    • Now a two-hit attack. The early hit combos into the sandwich clap

Tom And Jerry

  • Tom And Jerry
    • Dynamite now applies projectile perk effects.
  • Air Normal Attacks
    • Fixed a bug that would prevent Tom and Jerry from using normal attacks when Air Special limit had been reached.
  • Air Up Special
    • Fixed an issue where Jerry would continue to have active hit frames when falling from the rocket


  • Knowledge Is Power
    • Reduced gray health from 7 HP for 5 seconds to 3 HP for 3 second
  • Air Side Special
    • Reduced move distance
  • Air Up Special
    • Reduced Weaken stacks from 3 to 2
  • Ground Side Special
    • Reduced gray health from 12 HP for 4 seconds to 6 HP for 3 seconds
  • Air Down Attack
    • Increased Recovery
  • Air Side Attack
    • Added whiff recovery
  • Ground/Air Neutral Attack
    • Fixed issues when word bubbles would go through Bugs' Tunnels.
  • Weight
    • Decreased weight from 63 to 60

Wonder Woman

  • Shield of Athena
    • Adjusted scale of projectile shield for Shield of Athena signature perk to cover an edge case where projectiles would pass above it during a dodge.
  • Ground/Air Neutral Special
    • Lowered cooldown from 13s to 12s
  • Ground Side Special
    • Projectile Shield comes out earlier to allow her to better react to incoming projectiles.
  • Air Up Attack
    • Hurtbox should now better match the animation.
  • Weight
    • Increased weight from 65 to 76

Next week should be another free character rotation update, which means if you don’t have all of the fighters, you might be able to play one that received some changes in the September 7 update. For more on this hit new fighter, check out the Shacknews MultiVersus page.

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