Apple Watch Ultra pro line unveiled at Far Out September 7 event

A third line of Apple Watch was officially unveiled on Tuesday, taking the wristwear to an 'Ultra' level.


Wednesday's Apple special event continued with more on the Apple Watch. Beyond the standard edition and budget model SE, the tech giant had one more version of the wristwear product to show off. Following a dramatic trailer reveal, viewers were treated to a first look at the Apple Watch Ultra.

The previously rumored Apple Watch Ultra is built for the outdoor enthusiast in mind and is set to run on the new S8 chip. Crafted with a 49mm titanium casing, it will start with 36 hours of battery life, while software upgrades will bring it up to a 60-hour battery life in the near future. There is no GPS version, as all iterations of this product will have cellular capabilities. On top of that, it will sport an additional GPS module, which allows for an improved level of accuracy that puts it above the other Apple Watch lines, as well as any other sports watch.

The biggest feature is the customizable Action button, which will allow users to transition between various activities and workout modes. This will include features for hikers, divers (with a real-time depth gauge and 100m water resistance), and runners. In fact, a future update will alert runners when a track is nearby. Whether you decide to take a lap is up to you.

Apple Watch Ultra features overview

Source: Apple

Given the risks of certain outdoor activities, the Apple Watch Ultra will have a few life-saving features available. That includes an improved Compass app, as well as an emergency 86 decibel siren that can alert people within a 180 meter radius. Those who need to find their way at night can use a more useful Night Mode, which utilizes a Wayfinder face that can be switched to a live compass. The side button will also allow users to contact emergency services, retrieve their Medical ID, or activate the aforementioned siren.

The Apple Watch Ultra will come in nine varieties: Green Alpine Loop, Orange Alpine Loop, Starlight Alpine Loop, Blue/Gray Trail Loop, Black/Gray Trail Loop, Yellow/Beige Trail Loop, Midnight Ocean Band, White Ocean Band, and Yellow Ocean Band. It will sell for $799 USD. It will be available on Friday, September 23 with pre-orders opening up today. Those interested in learning more can check out the Apple website.

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