SNK vs Capcom 3 is something 'both parties' are interested in, says SNK producer

A special art collaboration at EVO 2022 stirred up fan interest for a return to SNK vs. Capcom and the developers have heard the enthusiasm.

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One of the more interesting things to see at EVO 2022 was a special collaborative event between Capcom and SNK. At each booth was a special bit of art signed by SNK and Capcom leads which included characters from both companies. It stirred enthusiasm for the return of SNK vs. Capcom, which was well-noticed by both groups. In fact, SNK lead producer Yauyuki Oda recently shared that there is a lot of interest on both sides in starting up development on an SNK vs. Capcom 3. The companies just need to come together and greenlight the project.

Oda shared optimism for the possibility of SNK vs. Capcom 3 in a recent conversation with Video Games Chronicle. After positive fan response to the SNK/Capcom art collaboration at EVO 2022, Oda expressed belief that developers at both Capcom and SNK have shared interest in making another game.

“That’s something that I think everybody on all sides, in both parties, are interested in making a reality,” Oda said. “Especially after we saw the reaction to the [EVO posters]… it helped us reconfirm that that is probably one of the most wanted things from the fighting game community across the entire world.”

One of two collaborative art pieces shared at EVO 2022 by Capcom and SNK.
Capcom and SNK released special collaborative art at EVO 2022 showing off old and new and characters from both companies and stirring interest in an SNK vs. Capcom 2.
Source: SNK/Capcom

Yauyuki Oda would go on to say that while interest is high on both the part of developers and fans in an SNK vs. Capcom 3, the two haven’t actually talked business on another collaborative game just yet. Nonetheless, he remains optimistic about the possibility.

“We haven’t really talked in detail with anybody at Capcom about it,” Oda shared. It might have come up as a vague comment. However, we have a lot of experience [in crossovers] with things like Akuma and Geese in Tekken, Terry [Bogard] in Fighting EX Layer, Terry in Smash Bros., and Baiken in Samurai Showdown… But recently, we haven’t actually done anything with Capcom, even on character collaboration stuff. So that poster [at Evo], in our sense, was the first step towards maybe something like that happening in the future.”

Yauyuki Oda is in a particularly interesting position when it comes the SNK vs. Capcom 3 conversation. He worked with SNK for years before heading over to Capcom to aid in development on Street Fighter 4 and Street Fighter x Tekken. He then came back to SNK to be a lead producer on Samurai Shodown in 2019 and this year’s excellent King of Fighters XV. If any developer would seem like a key part of an SNK vs. Capcom 3 revival, Yauyuki Oda seems like the one.

Nonetheless, even as Oda opines on the possibility of SNK vs. Capcom 3, he still has a lot of irons in the fire. SNK is not only continuing to add DLC to KOFXV, but a new Garou: Mark of the Wolves game has been confirmed to be in the works. With Capcom also working on Street Fighter 6, it remains to be seen when the two would make a collaboration happen. Stay tuned as we continue to follow this story for updates.

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