Elder Scrolls Online lead on High Isle expansion launch & Tales of Tribute card game

We recently spoke with Elder Scrolls Online creative director Rich Lambert about the launch of the High Isle expansion, its new Tales of Tribute minigame, and more.


There’s never a dull moment for the devs on Elder Scrolls Online. The team at Bethesda has continued to work on new content for the game in the form of new major expansions and quality-of-life improvements for the overall game. This recently culminated in the launch of the new Breton-heavy chapter in Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle, and with it came the Tales of Tribute card-collecting and battling minigame. We recently got to sit down with Elder Scrolls Online creative director Rich Lambert to talk about launching the game’s latest major content.

Lambert kicks off in speaking to Tales of Tribute as the most massive undertaking in the new expansion. Not only did Bethesda implement a whole new card game and its systems into Elder Scrolls Online, but it also added PVP and PVE elements where players could take on various characters in-game or pit their decks against other players to see whose cards and strategies are superior. This includes ranking systems that go along with the minigame.

Lambert also speaks to the balancing act of listening to player feedback and collecting data from playtesting and other metrics to be able to balance and dictate direction of changes in the game. Whether it comes to what kind of content the team will work on, what kind of new areas and quests will be explored, or how combat will be balanced, Lambert shares some insight into the careful observation of feedback and its implementation alongside data as the team builds massive expansions like High Isle and the balancing patches in between.

Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle is available to play as part of the main game now. Want more interviews like this? Be sure to check out our YouTube channels at Shacknews and GamerHubTV where you’ll find all of our latest video reviews, interviews, gameplay, and unboxings on the latest video games, technology, and toys.

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