YouTube streamer Ludwig swatted during Chess tournament broadcast

Popular YouTuber and streamer, Ludwig, was the victim of a swatting incident on Sunday afternoon.


Popular YouTuber and live streamer Ludwig Ahgren was swatted during a Sunday, August 28, 2022, chess tournament that he was broadcasting to his audience. Part of the ordeal was captured on stream, showing Los Angeles Police officers moving through Ludwig’s home with their weapons drawn. Ludwig addressed the situation in a YouTube video uploaded to his channel on August 29, 2022.

According to Ludwig, he was taking a break from his stream to refill his water when he was met with police officers pointing their weapons at him. Ludwig went on to state that the entire ordeal took approximately an hour of his time. While Ludwig said he was unharmed and mostly unfazed by the incident, he did note that his cat got out of the house due to the police leaving the doors open, and that police officers fell through the floor of his attic causing damage to his home. Ludwig’s cat quickly returned safely when he called it.

This is not the first time that Ludwig has been swatted, with the content creator detailing how the Los Angeles Police Department has told him in the past that they would call him before showing up in the manner they did on Sunday. However, Ludwig states that not only did they not call this time, but they have yet to call before arriving for any swatting.

An image showing the LAPD moving through Ludwig's home on Sunday afternoon.

Source: Ludwig

For those who aren’t aware, swatting is a term used to describe when someone calls the police and reports a false incident, giving the details of a live streamer who is currently broadcasting. The goal is to have the police show up while the streamer is still on the air so that the ordeal is captured. In the case of the most recent swatting incident involving Ludwig, that’s precisely what happened. It’s a dangerous situation that has resulted in death in the past.

Ludwig isn’t the only high-profile streamer to be swatted, with Twitch streamer Keffals being arrested earlier in August. Content creators aren’t only subject to swatting, however, as popular YouTubers Meg Turney and Gavin Free were victims of a home invasion involving an armed intruder.

Ludwig appears to be handling this incident as well as can be expected, quickly delivering a message to his audience that this was no more than a blip on the radar for him. Hopefully, the person responsible for making the false report is found and the inconvenience to them lasts for years to come.

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