PureArts on its history & how it led to creating the 1989 Batman 1:1 Cowl replica

PureArts leads recently spoke to us about the collectible maker's recently revealed Batman 1989 1:1 Cowl and how the group's history led here.


PureArts has been designing cool collectibles for quite a long time, capturing the likenesses of a lot of different characters and props from across entertainment history. Recently, the company revealed an all-new replica Batman Cowl from the 1989 movie. This neat piece is available to order now and has quite the history behind it in both movies and for PureArts. Thankfully, PureArts director of marketing and sales Dan Richard and marketing lead Agnes Bebon were kind enough to speak to us about some of the history behind PureArts and how it led up to the licensing and design of this new Batman Cowl collectible.

PureArts was born from a passion for movie and entertainment memorabilia according to Richard. Founder Hugues Martel actually has his own collection of rare items from movies, one of which happens to be the actual Batman suit from the 1989 Batman film worn by film star Michael Keaton. Martel translated that passion into the founding of PureArts and the company has strived to created top-of-the-line collectible products since. The leads also speak to moving from solely manufacturing to establishing a direct-to-customer sales department.

Of course, that passion for Batman and the building reputation of PureArts over the years at places like Comic-Con led to the opportunity to work with DC and Warner Bros. on this product. The 1989 1:1 Batman Cowl was announced back in June this year and retails at $799.00 USD. It features impeccable respect to detail, but you don’t have to suffer to try to get one of these hefty-priced pieces into your home. Bebon shares that the payment plan system from PureArts has become an important part of sales and marketing for PureArts top-of-the-line pieces.

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