Hogwarts Legacy cinematic trailer revealed at Gamescom 2022

A new gameplay trailer takes a fresh look into this story set in the Wizarding World.

Avalanche Software

Tuesday's Gamescom Opening Night Live presentation rolled on with the latest reveal for Hogwarts Legacy. A new trailer unveiled a first look at actual gameplay, giving players a window into what awaits them in the Wizarding World.

The latest Hogwarts Legacy trailer certainly does dive deep into the Wizarding World. Viewers got to follow the game's two lead characters, who explored the interior of the Slytherin catacombs. To proceed further, players must make a harrowing choice of which of the characters should have the Crucio spell cast upon them. For those unfamiliar with the Wizarding World, Crucio is basically a torture spell, so yes, you will have to decide which of these two children should bear a horrible torture spell... which sounds pretty dark, now that I read that outloud. Players are also given a look at an encounter against a horde of zombies, as the forces of the darkness don't take kindly to snooping around the Slytherin catacombs.

Hogwarts Legacy has been in the news quite a bit over the past few weeks, as WB Games and Avalanche Software recently announced the game's release date, one that effectively delayed it to next year. Look for Hogwarts Legacy to come to PC, PlayStation, and Xbox on February 10 with a Nintendo Switch date to be revealed somewhere down the road.

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