High On Life shows off new boss and December release date

Squanch Games' latest sadly won't be making its previously projected October release window.


Earlier this year, Squanch Games announced its desire to create its own take on a first-person shooter. That shooter is High On Life, which features colorful landscapes, standard shooting mechanics, and a lot of talking weapons. Players were treated to another look at this strange new world from Justin Roiland's game studio during Tuesday's Gamescom Opening Night Live presentation, as the showcase unveiled a new boss fight.

The boss fight against bounty target 9-TORG looks like a fairly standard battle, where players will need to avoid incoming fire and look for an opening. The big difference, obviously, is in the player's weapons. Since High On Life's weapons are all alive, they'll banter with the player and the enemy frequently. In addition to a gun (sounding like Roiland's Morty Smith character), players will also wield a knife (who sounds like Roiland's Rick Sanchez character took a walk in the outback) that can double as a tether.

High on Life was first unveiled during June's Xbox + Bethesda Games Showcase. The story will see a kid fresh out of high school with no career prospects take up the wonderful world of bounty hunting. This naturally runs him afoul of the villain Garmantuous and his gang, forcing the player and his talking weapons to fight for survival.

Talking knife and gun from High on Life

Source: Squanch Games

High on Life was originally shooting for an October 25 release on PC and Xbox Series X|S. However, it now appears that Squanch Games will need a little bit more time to have it ready. Look for High on Life to arrive in time for the holidays with a new release date of Tuesday, December 13.

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