Ubisoft+ datamine hints at possible Xbox launch

A leak from a popular Xbox dataminer suggests the service could be getting an Xbox launch.


A popular Xbox dataminer, @ALumia_Italia on Twitter, has seemingly discovered evidence that Ubisoft+ might be getting an Xbox launch in the near future. As reported by outlets like VGC, ALumia_Italia recently shared a screenshot of the Ubisoft+ logo to their Twitter account.

Given the fact that they’re known for pulling info out of Xbox’s backend, it seems like this image could be hinting at Ubisoft+ launching on Xbox, though it’s worth taking this with a grain of salt as no additional information has been shared.

That being said, it wouldn’t be all that surprising if it proves true, as Ubisoft announced plans to bring the service to Xbox back in January of this year. However, there has been no real update on these plans following that announcement, leaving it up in the air in terms of when Ubisoft+ will be added.

Ubisoft+ (formerly Uplay+) first launched back in September of 2019 for PC, and as of right now, still remains exclusive to PC. The regular subscription price sits at $14.99 (USD) with a $17.99 option if you’d like Ubisoft+ both on PC and Google Stadia. Outside of teases that Ubisoft+ will get an Xbox launch, there’s been no word on whether Ubisoft+ will launch on other platforms such as PlayStation. It’ll be interesting to see when exactly Ubisoft+ gets its inevitable Xbox launch, and whether it’ll come to other platforms in the future.

Ubisoft Plus promo image showing some of the games on the service like Far Cry 5 and Riders Republic.
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Until then, what do you think of Ubisoft+ coming to Xbox? Are you hoping it gets a PlayStation launch as well? Let us know in Chatty! For more on Ubisoft, be sure to read through some of our previous coverage as well such as Tencent looking to increase its stake in Ubisoft.

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