Tencent's reported interest in upping Ubisoft stake sends stock higher

All signs point to Tencent potentially becoming the single-largest shareholder in Ubisoft.


It’s been revealed today that Tencent is seeking to increase its stake in Ubisoft. While the exact amount that Tencent plans to increase its stake by has yet to be shared, it’ll undoubtedly be more than the 5 percent stake it previously bought in Ubisoft back in 2018.

Currently, 80 percent of Ubisoft is publicly owned which gives Tencent leverage to up their stake in the company from sources outside the Guillemots as well. Should Tencent prove successful at boosting its ownership, it stands to potentially become the single-largest shareholder in Ubisoft.

Stock graph for Tencent showing shares at $39.71 up 1.25 percent.
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Following the news that Tencent is actively interested in increasing its stake (and knowing it has the deep pockets to do so), shares for both Tencent and Ubisoft were up. This makes sense, as not only is Tencent a massive company, it’s offering an exceedingly generous amount with the offer at a premium of 127 percent of the stock’s 44 euros average price.

Stock graph image for Ubisoft showing shares at $9.49 up 11.31 percent.
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It’s interesting to hear Tencent’s plans to increase its stake in Ubisoft, and the way it’s going about doing so by meeting with the Guillemot family and putting a fairly sizable offer on the table. We’ll keep you abreast of the situation as it develops and more information is shared. 

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