Pokemon Unite to get new Theia Sky Ruins map featuring Rayquaza

Theia Sky Ruins will be one of the first swap-outs for the main Pokemon Unite ranked map since its launch.


It can be dangerous business changing a map used for ranked gameplay in a MOBA game, especially when players have worked hard to build their strategy around it. However, it would seem like TiMi Studio Group is planning to do just that in a future update to Pokemon Unite. The developers recently teased a new map, Theia Sky Ruins. Not only does it look like a new standard game map, but it also features fan-favorite legendary Pokemon Rayquaza.

TiMi Studio Group teased the upcoming Theia Sky Ruins map for Pokemon Unite via the game’s Twitter and YouTube channel on August 18, 2022. Theia Sky Ruins looks like the first map to actually mimic the layout of Remoat Stadium, which is the map used in Standard and Ranked Matches in Pokemon Unite. There are two top lane goals, two bottom lane goals, a center lane goal at each team’s base, and a center section full of wild Pokemon. What’s more, instead of Zapdos, Theia Sky Ruins will feature Rayquaza as its Legendary Pokemon boss battle in the match. TiMi Studio Group promises that more details are on the way shortly.

A Tweet advertising the new Theia Sky Ruins map coming to Pokemon Unite.
The new Theia Sky Ruins map looks to be the first map to swap out with Remoat Stadium in terms of Standard and Ranked Matches in Pokemon Unite.
Source: Twitter

What makes Theia Sky Ruins a more interesting map reveal in comparison to previous maps is its similarities to Remoat Stadium. Both have very similar layouts and events as the game carries on when it comes to their goal, wild Pokemon, and Legendary Pokemon layout. If Theia Sky Ruins did replace Remoat, it would be the first time the Ranked and Standard map have changed since Pokemon Unite first released. Nonetheless, we’re still waiting on further details and a release date for the map, which should be coming in a fast-approaching update.

With Pokemon Unite getting Glaceon, Buzzswole, Tyranitar, and three more new Pokemon in its first-year anniversary festivities, updates will continue to come fast for the game. Stay tuned as we await updates and new info on Theia Sky Ruins.

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