Pokemon Unite bringing six new Pokemon during first year anniversary event

Glaceon, Buzzswole, and Tyranitar have already been confirmed through July and August, and three more are coming in September.


Pokemon Unite is celebrating its very first anniversary since launch over the course of the next few months and plenty of festivities are on the way. There will be opportunities to participate in challenges and score Pokemon licenses, Pokemon and Trainer cosmetics, various currencies, and more. But perhaps just as important is that many more Pokemon are on the way in short order. Pokemon Unite is getting six new Pokemon from now into September, including Glaceon, Buzzswole, and Tyranitar.

Pokemon Unite developer TiMi Studio Group announced details of the game’s first year anniversary events, including the new Pokemon, in a special YouTube video posted on July 15, 2022. One of the biggest upcoming things in the overall festivities is new Pokemon that will be playable in the game from the end of this July into September 2022. Glaceon is up first on July 21, while Buzzswole arrives on August 4 and Tyranitar arrives on August 16. Pokemon Unite will have three more new Pokemon join the fray in September too, though they are a mystery for now.

Once all six Pokemon are launched, Pokemon Unite’s roster will be sitting at 42 playable characters, following the likes of Delphox, who was the 36th entry in the game.

There are also going to be plenty of further festivities in the game. Players will be able to earn the Glaceon license for free through special event once it launches. There will also be new types of battles and limited-time events on the way to Pokemon Unite, and Season 5 of Ranked kicks off with a reward of the Tuxedo Decidueye skin for those who participate and complete certain challenges.

A roadmap of six Pokemon joining the Pokemon Unite game's roster by the end of September 2022.
Following Glaceon, Buzzswole, and Tyranitar in August, three more unknown Pokemon will join Pokemon Unite's roster in September.
Source: TiMi Studio Group

With so much going on in Pokemon Unite, stay tuned for further updates to the game, such as the identity of September’s three anniversary Pokemon additions to the roster. We’ll share the details as soon as they become available.

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