Lost Ark update 'Under the Arkesian Sun' release date revealed

Get ready to spend more time with your Pets in Lost Ark, along with opportunities to level them up to Legendary status.


Amazon Games has revealed the release date for Lost Ark’s upcoming update, Under the Arkesian Sun, and it’s coming a lot sooner than you might think. According to Amazon Games, the update will launch next week on August 24.

Among the things players can look forward to in the August update include the introduction of a new Stronghold location called Pet Ranch which will allow players to spend some quality time with their Pets. In doing so, they’ll earn Pet Expertise points which can be used for a multitude of things like upgrading pet status to Legendary, expanding Pet Inventory storage slots, and on new customization options.

Lost Ark example of Pet Ranch showing cookie machine at Cookie Workshop.
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The Pet Ranch will be broken up into two separate sections, the main Ranch and the Cookie Workshop. At the Ranch, you’ll be able to play with your Pets and, in doing so, restore Pet Morale. Meanwhile, Pets at the Cookie Workshop will help create Jam Cookies which can be exchanged for items and rewards.

For those wondering what sort items are on offer for Pets at the Pet Ranch, these include consumables to help Pets recover Morale, battery boosters, potions to increase Pet Expertise, potions to morph Legendary Pets and unlock the reskin feature, and Pet Growth Tokens used to upgrade Pets, among other offerings.

Lost Ark Pet Ranch showing players playing with their Pets.
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If you’re eager to explore the Pet Ranch yourself, the blog post mentions that you’ll first need to be at Stronghold Level 15 and will need to have unlocked both the Stronghold Farm and the Cave. Also, as you might expect, you’ll need to have a Pet.

For more on the Pet Ranch, be sure to read through the full blog post on what to expect. And for more on Lost Ark, check out some of our previous coverage such as how the previous Spells in Spades update added the Arcanist Advanced Class to Lost Ark.

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