Wreckreation is a new open-world sandbox racing game from creators of Burnout & NFS

Wreckreation lets you create your own courses in a large MixWorld sandbox, customize your vehicles, race with friends in PvP splitscreen multiplayer, and more.


If you’ve been looking for a new racing game to play, you’re in luck as an incredibly interesting looking one was announced during the THQ Nordic Showcase called Wreckreation. The game is being developed by Three Fields Entertainment (Dangerous Driving, Danger Zone) which boasts a team consisting of Burnout and Need for Speed series creators, and features open-world sandbox course creation.

Not only can you build your own courses to race on, you can also build courses online alongside your friends as the game offers both singleplayer and PvP splitscreen multiplayer options. While racing on your own custom course sounds like a blast in and of itself, the game amps things up even further with action-packed stunt and crash opportunities as well.

Press release image for Wreckreation showing custom course and track elements such as ramps and rings to jump through, with a yellow
© Three Fields Entertainment, THQ Nordic

Digging deeper through the press release, other features are highlighted such as vehicle customization, old-school FM Radio stations to listen to, as well as the option to stream songs from your Premium Spotify playlists. To make racing and competing against friends even more fun, Wreckreation will also let you tailor things like events and game rules to your liking.

Press release image for Wreckreation showing a red classic car on a custom course, ahead of it is a blue car that's crashing through crates, image shows motion blur to indicate both vehicles are racing.
© Three Fields Entertainment, THQ Nordic

All in all, Wreckreation sounds like something for racing game fans to look forward to, particularly those that prefer more of an arcade-style racing game as opposed to a serious racing sim. It also sounds like it’ll be a fun game to play with friends with not just the customization options on offer, but being able to tailor events and rules as well.

For more on Wreckreation, be sure to check out the announcement trailer, and for more on what else was shown during the THQ Nordic Showcase, also be sure to read through our coverage on games like the announcement of a new “reimagination” of Alone in the Dark.

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