New 'reimagined' Alone in the Dark announced during THQ Nordic Showcase

Enjoy a brand new Alone in the Dark-inspired story from the likes of SOMA and Amnesia writer, Mikael Hedberg.

The THQ Nordic Showcase was packed full of surprises, but perhaps no surprise quite as big for horror fans as the reveal of a brand new Alone in the Dark game for next-gen consoles and PC. The newest Alone in the Dark game isn’t a remake or a remaster of the original cult classic from 1992, or any of the 90s era Alone in the Dark games for that matter, but is instead described as a “reimagination” of the game.

With this, players can look forward to a brand new story that features familiar characters, settings, and themes from the original 90s trilogy. For example, settings like Derceto Manor. The game is being developed by the likes of developer Pieces Interactive (Titan Quest, Magicka 2), and published of course by THQ Nordic. In an accompanying press release, the new Alone in the Dark is described as follows:

Press release image for the new Alone in the Dark showing Edward standing with his back to the player looking out at Derceto Manor.
© Pieces Interactive, THQ Nordic

Other information shared in the press release notes that the new Alone in the Dark will offer a blend of combat, puzzle-solving, exploration, and singleplayer story content. Players will be able to choose between Edward or Emily to play as, and there’s added incentive to playing both characters as each will reportedly have their own perspectives, cutscenes, and levels.

The press release also notes that the game is, "Set in the gothic American south in the 1920s, the game features a noir-setting with classical Lovecraftian horror elements, where the familiar meets the surreal."

For those who may be concerned about whether the writing of the new Alone in the Dark title will live up to the originals, the press release also includes an exciting tidbit of info about how SOMA and Amnesia writer Mikael Hedberg is behind the latest Alone in the Dark story.

Press release image for the new Alone in the Dark showing a dark street scene with old 1920s cars and buildings.
© Pieces Interactive, THQ Nordic

Given Hedberg’s experience with aforementioned games like Amnesia and SOMA, we definitely feel like Alone in the Dark is in good hands, and we look forward to digging deeper into the game’s story once the game is released.

Speaking of which, no release date or window has been shared in regards to when fans can look forward to playing this new “reimagination” of Alone in the Dark. That said, platforms were shared at the end of the announcement trailer that show that when the game is released, it’ll be available on Xbox Series X|S and PS5, along with PC.

For more on the new Alone in the Dark, be sure to take a moment to watch the announcement trailer if you haven’t already, and for more on Alone in the Dark be sure to read through our previous coverage of THQ Nordic adding Alone in the Dark to their growing list of IPs back in 2018, alongside other IPs like Act of War.

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