EVO 2022: Jae-Min 'Knee' Bae Tekken 7 champion interview

Knee took a moment after becoming the Tekken 7 champion to chat with us about training, game announcements, and thoughts on fighting game events.


It takes a special type of player to be able to fight to victory at a fighting game tournament. With hundreds of thousands of eyes watching your every move, and with cold hard cash on the line, it’s a lot of pressure. But Jae-Min “Knee” Bae managed to not just perform, but also claim victory. After the fight was over, Shacknews had the opportunity to ask Knee some questions about new fighting game announcements, hear thoughts about in-person games, and listen to how he trains at home.

Speaking through a translator, Jae-Min “Knee” Bae offered a whole lot of insight into the mind of a professional fighting game player. There are differences when training for an event like EVO and specifically against players from different regions. Aggression and style differs, which requires a changing of approaches and tactics.

In order to achieve victories, Knee trains for five or six hours to be able to face whatever style of fighter awaits him. This is going to be important, especially given the upcoming Tekken tournaments, which Knee is excited to see happen. There’s plenty more to hear from the interview, including Knee’s thoughts on the upcoming update and how his opponents fought during the tournament.

For more interviews from EVO 2022, make sure you check out the GamerHubTV YouTube channel. You can also swing by the Shacknews YouTube channel for exclusive gameplay and guides. Read over our EVO 2022 page for the latest coverage from the event.

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