EVO 2022: Victrix Pro FS & Pro FS-12 interview

Learn what makes the Pro FS and Pro FS-12 fight sticks special and catch a glimpse of the golden sticks for the champs.


EVO 2022 absolutely popped off over the weekend, with the best fighting game players in the world descending on Las Vegas. Not only did the players bring their A-game, but developers brought some fantastic tech and peripherals for fighters to enjoy. Shacknews’ own TJ Denzer was on the ground, representing the team, and he got to speak with Trevor Lehr from Victrix about the Pro FS and Pro FS-12, a pair of fighting sticks. Check out the interview below!

Fighting game aficionados need solid peripherals in order to get the most out of their muscle memory and timing. The team at Victrix know this all too well and have created a line of fighting sticks to aid players. Enter the Pro FS and Pro FS-12. These sticks offer a suite of advantages over other sticks, including a 12-button layout, a control bar with touchpad, a 3-meter USB-C cable, as well as a mode switch to change between PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC. The Victrix representative TJ spoke with notes that the PC mode is now xinput, meaning it’s compatible across a variety of platforms.

Image shows a limited edition version of the Victrix Pro FS fight stick featuring golden stick and buttons set against yellow paneling
The gold Pro FS was given to the top three from each game at EVO 2022.
Source: TJ Denzer | Shacknews

While the fight sticks are something special, Victrix had another surprises for those fighting for victory. The team made a special version of the Pro FS for EVO 2022. What’s so special about it? It features a golden stick and buttons. This limited edition version was given to the top three of each game at the event and features the EVO and game logo of the game they won.

EVO 2022 was certainly a special time, made even more special by the people we got to talk to. If you want to see more interviews from the floor, check out the GamerHubTV YouTube channel. You can also stop by the Victrix site to pre-order own Pro FS or Pro FS-12 fight stick. There’s plenty of more EVO 2022 content to enjoy, so stop by the topic page to keep up to date.

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