MultiVersus delays Season 1 start and Morty release date

Perhaps Morty is currently on an adventure with Rick? Just a quick one, in and out, 20 minutes.


The release of a new character is an important day in fighting games, but it looks like MultiVersus players will need to wait a little longer to play as Morty. Not only is Morty being delayed, but the launch of Season 1 has also been pushed back.

Rick and Morty standing together with a Season 1 release date announcement

Source: Player First Games

The MultiVersus Twitter account announced today that the Season 1 and Morty release date have been delayed. The new season, and presumably the 1.0 version of MultiVersus, was supposed to start on August 9. A follow-up tweet notes that while the season end-date will not change in-game, the battle pass will continue through to August 15 – which may be the new release date.

As for what this means in regards to Morty, it’s likely that some further tweaks are needed in order balance the fighter. Though it’s still in open beta, MultiVersus has been receiving numerous updates to balance the roster of characters. Even if Morty is ready to be released, it’s likely better practice to release a new champion alongside the start of a new season, giving players a great reason to keep playing, return if they took a break, or entice new users to join the fun.

One other interesting thing to note is that the delay only mentions Morty, there’s no word of the other half of the iconic duo, Rick. Some had assumed that Rick and Morty would be a duo character, but the wording suggests that this may not be the case. Could we see a Rick and Morty face off or perhaps Rick and Morty versus another Rick and Morty throwdown? No matter what it is, fans of the TV series will no doubt be eagerly awaiting a new release date.

While the MultiVersus Season 1 and Morty’s release date have been delayed, there’s plenty more still to do in the game. Be sure to check out our Character prices guide so you know how much you need to save to unlock the full roster. You can also peruse our MultiVersus page for patch notes and other info.

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