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Character prices: Gold & Gleamium cost - MultiVersus

Learn the prices for each character in MultiVersus including their Gold and Gleamium cost.


MultiVersus has a great collection of characters for players to purchase. While you can get one free character and there is a rotation of available champions, if you want everything you’ll need to buy them. For this reason, knowing the character prices (including Gold and Gleamium costs) is going to help you plan out which character to buy.

Character prices

A hero shot of the characters from MultiVersus

Source: Player First Games

MultiVersus gives every player one free fighter and includes a free character rotation that changes each fortnight. Those that want to hold on to their favorite character (or unlock them all) will need to track the character prices. The following table contains the cost for each fighter in Gold and Gleamium.

Character prices - gold & gleamium
Character Gold Gleamium
Shaggy 1500 700
Wonder Woman Complete Tutorial
Batman 2000 700
Superman 2000 700
Taz 1500 700
Iron Giant 3000 700
Garnet 1500 700
Steven Universe 3000 700
Jake 2000 700
Reindog 2000 700
Finn 2000 700
Velma 2000 700
Arya Stark 3000 700
Bugs Bunny 2000 700
Harley Quinn 2000 700
Tom & Jerry 3000 700
Lebron James 2000 700
Morty 3000 700

As you can see, the Gleamium (MultiVersus’ premium currency) is consistent while the Gold cost varies between each fighter. Keep in mind that just because one character costs more than another doesn’t necessarily mean it is better.

Other than spending Gold and Gleamium, you can also unlock characters using Character Tokens. These tokens are included in the various packs you can purchase. For those that don’t want the hassle of getting Gold or Gleamium, buying a pack will ensure you unlock most, if not all, of the champions right away.

As more fighters are added the above table will be updated to include each character’s price in both Gold and Gleamium. Be sure to check out our MultiVersus page for more information and help with this addictive new fighting game!

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