Sony ending PS5 Accolade support later this fall

Not enough people were using Accolades to make supporting it worthwhile.


Sony recently shared some updated information regarding PlayStation products and services. Among the notable changes being made is that support for Accolades on PS5 is ending later this fall. An exact date for when support for Accolades will cease has yet to be provided outside of the fall 2022 window.

In terms of why Sony is ending support, one reason cited is that the feature hadn’t seen the level of usage that it had previously anticipated. As a result, Sony will be refocusing its efforts elsewhere.

Accolades screen featuring how many of the three Accolades the example player has earned, and information at the bottom about what Accolades are and how they're used.
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For those unfamiliar, Accolades was a system that was previously introduced in an effort to foster friendly interaction between players by providing options to anonymously send three different Accolades including: Helpful, Welcoming, and Good Sport.

Outside of only offering three Accolade options, there were limits to the system as well such as only being able to give one Accolade per match and only being able to give Accolades to players you aren’t friends with. While the Accolades system is on its way out, Sony recently unveiled a different system back in July for players to look forward to called PlayStation Stars.

PlayStation Stars is set to launch sometime later this year, likely around the same time that Sony pulls the plug on Accolades. In terms of what PlayStation Stars is and how it’s different, it’s described as a loyalty program that players can join for free. In doing so, they’ll be able to earn rewards for completing various campaigns and activities.

For example, there will be a “Monthly Check-In” campaign for playing any game that month, and others tied to things like winning tournaments and earning trophies. More info on PlayStation Stars can be found in an official post to the PS Blog.

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Overall, it’s not exactly a negative that Sony is ceasing support of Accolades given how few people took advantage of the feature. It also sounds like the PlayStation Stars feature coming later this year will have more to offer players, making it worthwhile for Sony to invest its time there as opposed to the largely ignored Accolades system.

Of course, we’re curious as always to hear your thoughts on the matter. Have you ever used the Accolades system? Are you sad that Sony will no longer be supporting it? Let us know in Chatty!

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