Zombie Cure Lab devs talk the science side of the zombie apocalypse

What's better than shooting zombies? Curing them and saving humanity.


If you think about the zombie apocalypse in games, you might think of mowing down countless undead monsters. You may even stop to ponder a cure or preventative treatment, but then quickly get back to counting grenades. In Zombie Cure Lab, the focus is on finding the medicine to beat the zombie infection once and for all. Shacknews recently had the pleasure of speaking with Thera Bytes’ Community Manager Rebekka Wingert and Creative Director Jenz Bolanz about this unique take on the zombie genre.

Zombie Cure Lab is basically as written on the tin. Players create a base (which starts out as pretty rudimentary wooden structures but advances as the game progresses) with the goal being to find a cure to the zombie infection. These zombies will also be attacking the base, so it’s also got some real-time strategy elements whereby players must raise defenses and fend against the attacks.

But the real hook here is obviously in the finding a cure for the zombies. These monsters will start out as foes and eventually become sort of allies as players capture and study them. It’s a unique idea and Bolanz spoke a bit about how this zombie sim management game began. The team had started on a science game with an educational focus only to find a desire to create an entertainment product. Bolanz thought, “Can we still connect the setting of science and entertainment? And then, ‘Ah, Zombies!’” Zombies seem to be the perfect crossover between science and entertainment.

If you want to help (not harm) zombies and get them back to fighting for humanity, check out the Zombie Cure Lab Steam page. The game is set to release sometime this year. For more developer interviews, check out the GamerHubTV YouTube channel and the Shacknews YouTube channel for exclusive gameplay!

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