Valve ramps up to produce more Steam Decks 'faster than ever before'

Many customers will be getting their Steam Decks quicker than previously expected.


Supply chain issues have plagued a myriad of industries including the production of tech like Valve’s Steam Deck. Fortunately, it seems like some of these issues are clearing up as Valve shared a blog post with the good news that Steam Deck production is ramping up. With this, Valve notes being able to “produce more Decks faster than ever before.”

In addition to the good news production wise, Valve also shared information about updated reservation windows, with many customers in the “Q4 or later” window being bumped up to a “Q3 (July-September” window. Meanwhile, new reservations for Steam Deck will occupy the Q4 window (October-December).

Close up of the right corner area of the Steam Deck button layout showing Y, B, A, and X buttons along with a joystick and part of the screen.
© Valve

It’s certainly good news to hear that Valve is able to produce more Steam Decks, and get them into the hands of customers quicker than previously estimated. Of course, we’re eager to hear your thoughts on the matter. Are you waiting for a Steam Deck? Are you happy to hear that Valve is ramping up production? Let us know in Chatty!

For more on what else Valve has been up to, also be sure to read through some of our previous coverage including how Valve is no longer allowing review scores or text in Steam store images starting September 1.

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