Adam Wrange on how Metal: Hellsinger helps streamers avoid DMCA takedowns

The music is all custom created for Metal: Hellsinger, and the vocals that appear on the tracks have been licensed by the team.


Metal: Hellsinger is an upcoming rhythm shooter with a heavy, headbanging soundtrack which, while awesome, can be something of a concern to streamers looking to play the game and share it with their audience. Fortunately, the developers have kept this in mind and have been working to ensure that streamers playing Metal: Hellsinger won’t be bombarded by DMCA takedowns.

In an interview with combat designer Adam Wrange, Shacknews’ Greg Burke asks a number of questions that touch on what Metal: Hellsinger is all about, and what people can expect from the game both combat wise, and music wise. Notably, how all of the music is custom made for Metal: Hellsinger, which means there is no licensed music that should come up as an issue for streamers.

Promo image for Metal: Hellsinger showing a close-up of the main demon character holding a set of handguns.
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Wrange then explains how the team worked together to explore ideas for how various aspects of the game should sound, before mentioning that they licensed the vocals from the different artists that appear on Metal: Hellsinger’s soundtrack.

Other aspects of the game and its soundtrack that are discussed in the interview include the types of metal that appear on the soundtrack, and more. We highly recommend checking out the full interview with Metal: Hellsinger’s combat designer Adam Wrange over on GamerHub TV.

While you’re checking out content on GamerHub TV, be sure to subscribe if you haven’t already, and subscribe to the Shacknews YouTube channel as well. To learn more about Metal: Hellsinger, also be sure to read through some of our previous coverage including how we had a headbangin’ good time playing the Metal: Hellsinger demo.

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