Serpent Moon Levels & Event Point requirements - Hunt: Showdown

Serpent Moon offers 19 levels for players to unlock, each one having a different Event Point requirement to reach in Hunt: Showdown.


Serpent Moon has arrived in Hunt: Showdown and with it comes 19 levels with unique rewards. Each level requires a specific number of Event Points (EP) to fully unlock, increasing at a steady rate. Players that want to unlock all levels should consider how many EPs it takes to move through the ranks, as this will dictate how many points you should get each day.

Serpent Moon levels & Event Point XP

Image of Hunt: Showdown Snake Oil Ward Antidote Shot reward from Serpent Moon event
Each level in the Serpent Moon event requires 100 more Event Points than the last one to unlock.

There are 19 levels to unlock in Serpent Moon, each one offering unique rewards. Those that unlock the Gilded Path will be granted even more rewards along the premium track. The following table outlines how many Event Points it takes to fill a level, the free reward, and the Gilded Path reward.

Serpent Moon event levels & EP requirements
Event Level EP Required Free Reward Gilded Path Reward
Level 1 400 Chapter 1, The Viper: Onset, Chary's Implied Contract Snake Oil Ward (Antidote Shot skin)
Level 2 500 - Coluber x3 (Romero 77 Alamo skin)
Level 3 600 Chapter 2, Miner's Song x1 (Alert Trip Mine) Earthshine (Berthier Mle 1892 skin)
Level 4 700 Chapter 3 Snakeshot x3 (Sparks Pistol skin)
Level 5 800 Romero 77 Alamo Coluber (Romero 77 Alamo skin)
Level 6 900 Chapter 4 Chary's Fixed Contract
Level 7 1000 Chapter 5, The Viper: Rise 50 Blood Bonds
Level 8 1100 Chapter 6 Red Dog x5 (Dynamite Bundle skin)
Level 9 1200 Sparks Pistol Snake Shot (Sparks Pistol skin)
Level 10 1300 Chapter 7 50 Blood Bonds
Level 11 1400 Chapter 8, Antosha (Caldwell Conversion Chain Pistol skin) Lucidus x3 (Vetterli 71 Karabiner Silencer skin)
Level 12 1500 Chapter 9 100 Blood Bonds
Level 13 1600 Chapter 10, Chary's Implied Contract The Viper: Surge
Level 14 1700 Chapter 11 Snake Oil Ward x7 (Antidote Shot skin)
Level 15 1800 Chapter 12 100 Blood Bonds
Level 16 1900 Chapter 13, 50 Blood Bonds Slither (Winfield M1873 Swift skin)
Level 17 2000 Chapter 14, Red Dog (Dynamite Bundle skin) 200 Blood Bonds
Level 18 2100 100 Blood Bonds 500 Blood Bonds
Level 19 2200 Chapter 15, Lucidus (Vetterli 71 Karabiner Silencer skin) The Viper: Frenzy
Total EPs 24700

As you can see, every level in the Serpent Moon season pass increases by 100 points. The Event Points it takes to fully unlock Level 19 is the same as moving through Levels 1 to 4. Note that the event level system may be confusing at first: you must earn all of the Event Points needed to fully unlock a level – and then those rewards are unlocked.

It requires 24,700 Event Points to complete the Serpent Moon season pass. The event lasts for 60 days, which means you will need to earn an average of 412 EPs per day to complete the event. There’s a good chance this number will rise and fall. If you can’t play on one day, try and make up for it on another.

Given you need so many points, players should try and get Event Points as quick as possible. It’s also possible to straight up buy your way through the event pass. Players can spend 1500 Blood Bonds to earn 3,000 EPs. Players that want the Gilded Path rewards should consider paying a little more and grabbing the extra Event Points, as this will immediately max out Level 5 (or whatever level you might be up to).

With 19 levels to earn in the Serpent Moon event, there are plenty of rewards on offer in Hunt: Showdown. If you want the premium rewards, you will need to fork out for the Gilded Path. Swing by the Shacknews Hunt: Showdown page for more important information.

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