The Lost Wild gets picked up by Annapurna Interactive

The dinosaur-filled survival horror game that's been in development for over a year has a new home and is wrapping up the Annapurna Interactive Showcase.


Thursday's Annapurna Interactive Showcase concluded with something unlike anything seen from the publisher to date: dinosaur survival horror. Players got a new look at The Lost Wild from the team at Great Ape Games, which will challenge players to stare down fearsome dinosaurs and then do the common sense thing and run like hell.

The Lost Wild puts players on a dangerous primal world. The only signs of life appear to be prehistoric dinosaurs. While publisher Annapurna Interactive notes that dinosaurs will behave more like wild animals than the savage monsters that movies portray them as, they are still dinosaurs, meaning the more carnivorous ones will be on the hunt. Players can defend themselves by using the various items they find in the world, lighting fires, creating distractions, or by simply running away and finding a good hiding spot.

Staying in one spot won't be enough to prevail in The Lost Wild. A mysterious voice on the player's radio seems to indicate that there are signs of human life and a potential endgame in sight, so they'll have to look to move towards the signal's source. Along the way, expect to find abandoned facilities filled with supplies, as well as details that fill in the narrative blanks of this strange world.

The Lost Wild has been in development for almost a year with the team at Great Ape Games building it with personal investments, as well as through funds from the Epic MegaGrants program. Publisher Annapurna Interactive apparently liked what they saw, because they'll be taking on publishing duties going forward and helping see this project through to the end.

Carnivorous dinosaurs on the hunt
Good luck surviving against The Lost Wild's carnivorous dinos.
Source: Annapurna Interactive

The Lost Wild is coming soon to PC (via Steam), but the door is also open for a console release. We've seen a lot from today's Annapurna Interactive Showcase. We'll have a full recap up shortly, but for now, visit the Annapurna Interactive topic page for anything you might have missed.

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