Forever Ago hits the road during the Annapurna Interactive Showcase

New developer Third Shift's debut project is a road trip adventure.


Those watching Thursday's Annapurna Interactive Showcase have been treated to a handful of developer vignettes, some in which creators introduce themselves and others in which new games are teased. The latest one introduced players to Third Shift, an indie studio based in Germany. In addition to introducing themselves, the developers also unveiled their debut project: a single-player adventure called Forever Ago.

"Forever Ago is a story-driven road trip adventure game wher you play as Alfred, an elderly man who embarks on a journey in his trusty van," Third Shift co-founder Kai Brueckers explained. "The story is inspired by a trip I took down to the Pacific Coast. [Co-founder Fabian Denter] and I were always interested in the diverse landscapes in North America and that's where a lot of the inspiration came from."

Players will explore a variety of gorgeous locales over the course of Alfred's road trip, capturing beautiful landscapes with his camera, meeting new people along the way, and documenting his findings. They'll also learn more about Alfred's past through the usage of photography, flashbacks, and environmental puzzles. The experience will be enhanced by a peaceful original soundtrack from Slay the Spire composer Clark Aboud.

Alfred explores his past via flashback
Alfred will look into his past and into his future during his road trip.
Source: Annapurna Interactive

Development on Forever Ago is in its early stages. For the moment, it is only confirmed to come to PC via Steam with no release window given. For more from today's showcase, be sure to check out the Annapurna Interactive topic. We'll have more reveals and a full recap throughout the day at Shacknews.

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