Hindsight wades through memories for August release date

The debut effort from Team Hindsight has been more than a year in the making and is ready to release on PC, Nintendo Switch, and iOS.


Thursday's Annapurna Interactive Showcase continued with a look at a game that's been mostly radio silent for over a year. Hindsight is the debut effort from the appropriately named Team Hindsight, a studio comprised of mobile developer Joel McDonald and narrative writer Emma Kidwell. Those who have been waiting for it to release won't have to wait much longer, as the game's latest trailer revealed that the game is set to arrive next week.

Hindsight was first announced all the way back during the April 2021 Nintendo Indie World showcase, at which point the small crew at Team Hindsight went straight to work. For those who don't know what the game is, Hindsight is about the experience of looking back on life, stopping to slowly recall specific moments from the past via physical objects. Shifting perspectives will ultimately open the door to another piece of the past until a much bigger picture starts to become clear.

Team Hindsight founder Joel McDonald is largely recognized for his previous work on mobile puzzle game Prune, which has won multiple awards, including "Best of" honors from the App Store. Hindsight marks his first step into PC and console gaming, though an iOS release is also on the docket.

There's much more about Hindsight that's unknown and that's likely intentional. There's an air of mystery around the game's narrative, wrapped in slow moving imagery and interesting puzzles. How all of it ties together remains to be seen.

Hindsight PC Switch iOS release date
Hindsight players will dig deep into the past.
Source: Annapurna Interactive

Hindsight will release very soon. In fact, it will arrive on PC (via Steam), Nintendo Switch, and on the App Store on Thursday, August 4.

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