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Tesla (TSLA) has enough 2170 cell supply to meet 2022 EV production targets

The Tesla company has shored up its stock of battery cells for Tesla vehicles through the 2022 fiscal year production targets.


One of the core components of Tesla vehicles is obviously the power supply. It doesn’t matter how pretty the vehicle looks, what kind of features it has, and how Tesla is improving its designs. If an electric vehicle doesn’t have power, it doesn’t work. Thankfully, it sounds like Tesla is in no danger of running short of power supplies for its vehicles anytime soon. During a recent quarterly conference call, leadership at Tesla claimed that it has enough 2170 cell supplies to cover production targets for the rest of its fiscal 2022. It has also shared that it’s preparing new supplies for future production.

These claims were made during the recent Tesla Q2 2022 post-earnings results conference call. It was here that Tesla executives claimed that the company is currently making cars using the 2170 cells, and not 4680 cells. Tesla leadership also claimed that the company has enough of a supply of 2170 cells to meet production forecasts throughout Tesla’s fiscal 2022. What’s more, it was further claimed that the company is preparing second-generation 4680 equipment to be installed in its Texas factory.

A Tesla vehicle being charged.
Tesla claims to have enough battery power supplies in the 2170 cell form to cover 2022 production targets.
Source: Tesla

The difference between 4680 cells and 2170 cells is a matter of resistance and energy loss from heat dispersal, as described by Torque News. Energy currents traveling through a 2170 cell have a longer route to take and create more resistance, losing some of that energy by way of heat generation and dispersal. It not only affects how much of a charge the cells can carry, but also its efficiency with rapid-charge equipment.

Speaking of energy, Elon Musk would go on to address the matter of lithium, claiming it’s an incredibly good time to be invested in lithium refining for power supplies. For more from the Tesla earnings results and call, stay tuned here at Shacknews.

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