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Dysterra interview with Reality MagiQ on combining sci-fi survival with FPS gameplay

Learn more about how Dysterra offers a unique blend of sci-fi survival and FPS gameplay, along with some of the other modes, features, and gameplay types on offer.

Image: Reality MagiQ

Dysterra is an upcoming sci-fi based game from Reality MagiQ that features a blend of FPS combat, survival and crafting elements, as well as the option to either cooperate or compete with other players. According to the game’s Steam page, any player you encounter you can battle or team up with in PvP. Alternatively, if you aren’t into PvP or simply want to take a break from it, Dysterra will also have a single-player mode and PvE.

With so many exciting aspects to explore in Dysterra, along with the game having yet to be released, we naturally found ourselves seeking additional information. This led us to sending questions over to the team at Reality MagiQ, who were kind enough to answer them and share details that help further explain what Dysterra is, and why wishlisting it on Steam is a must!

Dysterra interview with Reality MagiQ on combining sci-fi survival with FPS gameplay

© Reality MagiQ

Shacknews: To start things off, what is Dysterra all about, and what sort of gameplay does it feature?

Reality MagiQ: Dysterra is a survival FPS game fighting for its survival on a destroyed future Earth. With the discovery of new resources, mankind has made rapid progress, but in return, the Earth has been destroyed, and players must find ways to survive individuals and human beings as they play games.

Players have to decide many things in the process of securing food, clothing, and shelter to survive in a barren environment, making weapons, and engaging, and this directly affects the way other users survive. In addition, "Dysterra" is designed to significantly lower the entry barrier for traditional FPS users to adapt easily, which will be a clear distinction from other survival games where the entry barrier for new users is naturally very high.

And we have a unique system where the lifetime of each world (session) is not arbitrarily determined by the operator, but the rise and fall of the world is determined by the players.

© Reality MagiQ

Shacknews: Development wise, was it difficult combining sci-fi survival with FPS gameplay in Dysterra?

Reality MagiQ: What matters the most in development, when you are trying to combine famous genres all together, it is easy to lose all of them. Since we are fully aware of such difficulties, we have decided to narrow down things we should focus on. First step we are going to take is to maximize the fun of shooting.

The action play of 'Dysterra' is based on FPS in the Sci-fi setting. The goal is to convey the best shooting play like many other famous Sci-fi FPS, which is already loved by many users globally, and in particular, we made great efforts to make existing FPS users feel familiar with the game's UX and systems. This will be a clear distinction from other survival games that have very high entry barriers for newcomers.

© Reality MagiQ

Shacknews: Speaking of which, what are some of the survival elements like looting or crafting that players can make use of in Dysterra?

Reality MagiQ: Along with combat, Dysterra offers a variety of play elements, including looting, crafting, building, and team play, which are the rules of common survival games. Collect the resources left behind by civilization to create weapons/defenses/bases, target facilities that are legacy of the past, or compete with other survivors.

Players need to find ways to prevent the extinction of mankind while achieving the survival of individual players. To do this, the player must decide whether to cooperate or compete with other players.

© Reality MagiQ

Shacknews: Dysterra offers both PvE and single-player modes, can you talk a bit more about what each of these has to offer?

Reality MagiQ: In 'Dysterra', players must continue to decide whether to cooperate or compete with other players in a world where deep lore and open world PVP co-exist. PVP server allows players to kill and take over everything that other survivors have. On the other hand, PVE server offers only co-op play for players who do not prefer fierce competition.

Single-play mode is basically a mode suitable for players who are not familiar with the survival game genre to experience "Dysterra" for the first time.

© Reality MagiQ

Shacknews: What are some of the different weapons and armors that players can equip in Dysterra?

Reality MagiQ: While modern weapons and armours can be used in early game, future weapons and armours can also be crafted and used with a variety of advanced materials. High-tier armours have resistance stats that vary from type to type, so survivors can explore danger level 3 areas that are generally hazardous to explore.

And high-tier weapons have special effects in addition to their powerful damage, so they can be used effectively in the right place at the right moment.

© Reality MagiQ

Shacknews: Dysterra also features base building mechanics. How does Dysterra blend the ability to build and expand upon your own custom base?

Reality MagiQ: Housing is one of the essential parts for surviving in the world of Dysterra. You can build your base in your own defense style using construction parts that can be combined in various forms.

Players can upgrade the base with advanced construction parts, and craft various installations such as electric fences, defense turrets, and landmines to protect themselves from external threats and survive. The base can also be shared with team members so that it can be expanded like a fortress.

© Reality MagiQ

Shacknews: What is the core story of Dysterra, and how do players interact with and integrate into that story?

Reality MagiQ: The story of 'Dysterra' can be introduced into three keywords: 'Terrafire', 'Terrasite', and 'Decision'. The story in the game has a structure that circulates with these keywords. And in multi-play games, excessive storytelling hinders players from being indulged in enjoying the game, so 'Dysterra' does not pursue linear storytelling.

Therefore, rather than explaining the details of the story one by one, we will solve it in a way that allows users to intuitively understand what happens during the exploration and infer the cause. However, this nonlinearity of the story can be considered an entry barrier for users who are not familiar with the survival genre, so in the beginning, a mysterious woman named Vanessa Holden gives basic knowledge and information to help players to survive in an abandoned world.

Besides, the story will be revealed little by little as the players explore the world and clear the missions by settling in the world of Dysterra.

© Reality MagiQ

Shacknews: What are some of the locations players can explore in Dysterra, and what are some things players should keep an eye out for while exploring Dysterra?

Reality MagiQ: Each region of the world, players encounter various forms of spot events, which should be cleared to lead the player to the next step. Since it's an open world game, it's all up to the player to decide which spot event to target, when and with whom. In addition, we are planning to add more spot events in coming updates.

© Reality MagiQ

Shacknews: What else do you want gamers to know about Dysterra, and where can people go to follow along with updates about the game’s development and future release?

Reality MagiQ: 'Dysterra' aims to offer a unique gameplay by developing and mixing different fundamentals of survival genres. To this end, we are actively collecting opinions from users and continuing to develop, so if we can have various opinions with the dynamic game community through play, we are confident that we will be one of the best survival FPS games on the market.

Also, for the last Global Beta Test before Steam Early Access, we are currently adding various new contents such as new regions, female characters, and new weapons, so please feel free to join and try out Dysterra. In this regard, you can check the links below for the latest updates.

Shacknews: Finally, when can gamers look forward to the release of Dysterra, and on what platforms will Dysterra be released on?

Reality MagiQ: Dysterra will be released later this year on Steam. That’s what we can tell for the moment!

We'd like to thank the team at Reality MagiQ again for taking the time to answer our questions about Dysterra. As noted above, for more information about Dysterra be sure to visit the game's official website, wishlist the game on Steam to keep track of the game's release later this year, and follow the game's social channels on platforms such as Discord and Twitter

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