Rumbleverse enters the ring for August release date

Iron Galaxy's plans to release Rumbleverse in early access this fall have changed for the better.

Image: Iron Galaxy

Iron Galaxy has been getting ready to rumble for the past six months, gradually preparing its upcoming brawling battle royale for release. After a handful of network tests, it now appears that Rumbleverse is ready to release. On Thursday, Iron Galaxy announced that Rumbleverse would launch on all platforms in August.

Rumbleverse will officially launch on Thursday, August 11 with Season One scheduled to get underway on Thursday, August 18. It should be noted that contrary to what Iron Galaxy indicated earlier in this year, this will be a full 1.0 release. When the team announced the final network test back in late June, the message delivered was that Rumbleverse would launch in an early access state. However, the 48-hour network test must have gone down far better than anybody anticipated, because it now looks like Iron Galaxy is skipping the early access phase entirely. On top of that, the August release is earlier than the original release window of Fall 2022 that the studio had initially put out there.

The Rumbleverse network tests have consistently been some of the year's biggest highlights in gaming, as common players and big-time streamers alike appeared to be having a blast in Grapital City. For those unaware of what the game is, it's a standard 40-player battle royale, but instead of utilizing guns or laser weapons, players had to survive by using a mixture of physical grappling techniques, melee weapons, strikes, and fancy wrestling moves. More intricate details can be found on the Rumbleverse website, as well as our hands-on preview from Summer Game Fest weekend.

Rumbleverse August release date
Image courtesy of Iron Galaxy

Those who have yet to get into Rumbleverse won't have to wait much longer to try it out. The game is free-to-play and will launch August 11 on PC (via the Epic Games Store), PlayStation, and Xbox with cross-platform play available on day one.

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