Apple reportedly asks Samsung to develop micro OLED displays for AR HMD

With Samsung's alleged cooperation, Apple's upcoming AR HMD it plans to launch in 2023 is looking increasingly like it may be based on micro OLED technology.

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Apple’s continuing virtual reality and augmented reality efforts still feel like quite a ways off and we still have little outside of rumors and concepts. However, a recent report suggests Apple may be going to a third-party to aid in its efforts to launch an AR HMD next year. Word is that Apple has approached Samsung to assist in developing micro OLED displays for the iPhone developer’s planned 2023 augmented reality platform.

Reports of Apple’s collaboration with Samsung Display on micro OLED technology for AR applications comes via The Elec. Apple has apparently spoken with quite a few technology manufacturers about the possible use of micro OLED technology in its often-rumored Apple Glass AR/VR projects, but apparently Samsung Display was already working on micro OLED technology in some small capacity. It was originally believed that because of its size and difficulty of implementation, it might not be profitable, but Apple’s interest in the technology may change that.

Samsung has some previous work in both micro OLED and VR/AR that Apple may be hoping to tap in collaborative development of its 2023 AR HMD.
Samsung has some previous work in both micro OLED and VR/AR that Apple may be hoping to tap in collaborative development of its 2023 AR HMD. [Image via Samsung]

It is unknown when Apple may implement micro OLED technology, or if it will be Samsung’s technology it uses. The company has also reportedly been in talks with other companies for collaboration. LG is said to providing a conventional OLED panel for use in Apple’s initial VR/AR projects, as well as micro OLED on future headsets, but Sony is also said to be supplying micro OLED panels for Apple’s use. Regardless, all of this activity strongly suggests that at least one of the VR/AR projects in Apple’s very near future will be utilizing micro OLED technology from among these various tech manufacturers.

Currently, Apple is supposedly set to deliver some kind of AR HMD by around 2023. As we await an actual reveal or further concrete details, stay tuned for more updates on Apple Glass and other Apple VR pursuits right here at Shacknews.

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