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Worthy of Better, Stronger Together reproductive rights charity bundle offer ends in 10 days

Support reproductive rights and nab hundreds of amazing games for $10 in the bundle, Worthy of Better, Stronger Together for Reproductive Rights.


Waves of backlash, outrage, and protests have been ignited by the Supreme Court’s recent decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, which had previously constitutionally protected a person’s right to have an abortion, along with fundraising efforts in support of reproductive rights as a result.

Among these fundraising efforts is the bundle, Worthy of Better, Stronger Together for Reproductive Rights. Not only does the bundle feature hundreds of different indie games, all of them can be acquired for just $10 (USD). Even better than getting hundreds of games for $10? All proceeds from the bundle will be donated in a 50/50 split between the National Organization for Women, and Center for Reproductive Rights.

© Worth of Better, Stronger Together for Reproductive Rights

On the bundle’s page, a statement is provided that sheds additional light in regards to what the bundle is about:

Calico from developer Peachy Keen Games is one of the games included in the bundle, Worth of Better, Stronger Together for Reproductive Rights.

© Peachy Keen Games

If you’re curious about some of the titles on offer in the bundle, they include indies like Calico, Evan’s Remains, and Catlateral Damage: Remeowstered, to name just a few. The bundle will be available for the next 10 days, from now until July 14, giving you ample time to look through the long list of included games as well.

After looking through the bundle, we're curious what some standout games are to you personally. Let us know in Chatty, and for more on fundraising, also be sure to read through our previous coverage of the bundle for Ukraine that quickly surpassed its $2,000,000 goal

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