Elon Musk tells Twitter employees that he hasn't seen actual evidence of aliens

In a very strange aside, Elon Musk used part of the Twitter all-hands meeting he attended to address the possibility of life beyond our planet.


Elon Musk is no stranger to rambling when he’s got the mic. However, one of his asides during the recent Twitter all-hands employee meeting might take the cake. In a discussion that included monetization of Twitter, disdain for bots, and possible layoffs after Musk’s acquisition, Musk also took a moment share his thoughts on alien life. More specifically, Musk shared that he hasn’t seen enough evidence to suggest that aliens actually exist.

Elon Musk shared his thoughts on aliens during the Twitter all-hands meeting which took place on June 16, 2022. Apparently, at one point during the overall address of employee concerns, Elon Musk briefly diverted from the Twitter conversation to talk about aliens and human consciousness. Notably, according to recaps from CNBC, Musk allegedly shared that he has not seen actual evidence of alien life. After this short diversion, Musk reportedly got back to discussion of Twitter concerns.

Aliens are a strange conversation to bring up in a Twitter meeting, but that didn't stop Elon Musk from bringing it up.
Aliens are a strange conversation to bring up in a Twitter meeting, but that didn't stop Elon Musk from bringing it up in an all-hands employee address.

While it might be an odd and outlandish thing to share during a Twitter all-hands meeting, it’s worth noting that it’s not as though it’s not a subject Musk should have any interest in. After all, as the CEO of SpaceX, a group trying to make commercial space travel more practical, Musk likely has an adjacent interest in any signs of extraterrestrial life and contact. Even so, a Twitter all-hands meeting seems like an odd place to bring aliens up, but it’s also not outside of Elon Musk’s habit of rambling a bit during speaking positions.

Musk spoke to a number of other topics during the Twitter all-hands meeting, not the least of which was figuring out how to allow payment transactions on Twitter, speaking to his philosophy on content moderation (or lack thereof), and the impending possibility of layoffs at Twitter. As Musk’s deal to acquire Twitter progresses, stay tuned for more news and details here at Shacknews.

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