Xbox Game Studios announces partnership with Hideo Kojima

The Metal Gear Solid creator is partnering up with the first-party Xbox studio for the first time ever.


The Xbox + Bethesda Showcase had a big surprise for viewers in the form of auteur Hideo Kojima. While there's nothing to announce just yet, in terms of game titles or footage, Kojima's presence is an earth-shaking announcement in itself. This is especially true given that Kojima was widely expected to appear during last Thursday's Summer Game Fest with Geoff Keighley in some capacity.

Xbox Game Studios Hideo Kojima Productions

There isn't a lot to report here, but here's what we got from the Xbox website:

Today, we also announced a partnership between Xbox Game Studios and Kojima Productions to create a video game for Xbox like no one has ever experienced or seen before leveraging the power of the cloud. Hideo Kojima is one of the most innovative and creative minds in our industry we can’t wait to share what our teams will create together.

That doesn't say a lot, so let's talk about what we do know. Kojima is coming off one of the most intriguing gaming partnerships in recent memory, having worked with PlayStation to release the genre-defying Death Stranding. Allegedly, there's a second one in development. What does this Xbox deal mean for that? Is someone else working on a Death Stranding 2? Is Xbox getting the sequel and not PlayStation? There are a lot of questions that come from today's Kojima cameo, none of which there are really any answers to, unfortunately.

For now, all players can do is soak in what they just saw and wait for any further idea of what all this means. We'll have more on this collaboration between Xbox and Hideo Kojima as it develops.

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