Sea of Thieves: Season 7 lets you name your ships in July

At least, sea captains in Sea of Thieves will be able to name their ships with Season 7's launch in July.


The Xbox + Bethesda Showcase is rolling right along with the latest content drop for Sea of Thieves. Look for a lot of new quality of life improvements to make your seafaring a little more fun, including the long-requested ability to name your own ship. All of this will come with the game's Season 7, which is titled "Captaincy" and set to run next month.

Sometimes, quality-of-life changes should take precedence above all else and that appears to be the route that Rare is taking for Sea of Thieves' new season. Among the feature additions that players can look forward to are the ability to customize ship names, placing it on a prominent crest for all players to check out. Plus, players can fix up their ship's interior to make it more fitting to their personalities. Look for new progression rewards to be available over the course of the new season, as well.

While the new Sea of Thieves season won't be ready for a few weeks, players can find something to set sail towards next week. With the game hitting the 30 million player milestone, Rare is ready to celebrate, as evidenced by this post on the Sea of Thieves website:

As you’ll have seen in the trailer above, we’re also celebrating the landmark of 30 million players. It’s a truly staggering milestone that means the world to everyone here at the studio. We want to thank you all so much for joining us on the seas since 2018, and we are giddily excited to see how many of you go on to take up the mantle of Captains.

In honour of this 30 million player milestone there’ll be a Gold & Glory Weekend starting on June 17th, offering double gold and reputation and boosted Renown for all treasures cashed in. Before June ends you can also look forward to content updates delivering further improvements and fixes, heaping new treasures onto the Pirate Emporium shelves and ushering in our fifth time-limited Adventure, ‘The Forsaken Hunter’. And then the age of Captaincy will be imminent...

Sea of Thieves Season 7 Captaincy

Sea of Thieves' Season 7: Captaincy launches on July 21. If you're curious about this game and are looking to try it out, you're in luck, because we have a full-blown Sea of Thieves guide to help get you started.

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