RoboBeat blasts to the groove next year

Practice your rhythm and shooting skills in RoboBeat.


We love a good rhythm-based shooter here at Shacknews. Whether we’re shooting demons, hacking monsters in a crypt, or slashing open pots, it’s satisfying to slay to a beat. RoboBeat looks to be the next groovy rhythm-shooter that mixes in a whole lot of other elements. The game received a new trailer during the Future Games Show, check out the video below!

RoboBeat asks players to slay to the beat. By syncing up your shots to the music, you’ll be able to increase your damage and improve your cooldowns. Mix in some other types of shots to amp up your killing potential.

But it’s not just shooting you’ll need to tackle, you better get good at your dance moves too. By dance moves, I mean wallrunning, sliding, bunny hopping, and grapple-hooking. Fuse all of this together to break free of this techno-filled underground dungeon.

The Steam page had the following to say about the levels on offer:

Fast forward through procedurally generated levels, equip an arsenal of finely-tuned weapons, and accompany your arsenal with a symphony of modifications. Your playstyle is on continuous shuffle, so you never know what each new run is going to bring!

Dance on over to the RoboBeat Steam page and add it to your wishlist. There were plenty more games announced at the Future Games Show, so check out the Shacknews page for more information. Keep it locked here over the coming weeks as we’re rapidly approaching our E6 2022 event.

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