SacriFire slips to a 2023 release window

SacriFire started with a Kickstarter and is now planned for release on PC next year.


Players have waited a while for SacriFire, but the wait is almost over. During the IGN Expo 2022 livestream, fans got another look at the upcoming JRPG title with a fresh gameplay trailer. Take a look at the trailer below and enjoy the pixel art and 2.5D visuals.

The IGN Expo gave fans another look at SacriFire, a game currently in development by Pixelated Milk. In the trailer, players get a fresh look at a few new areas they can explore. There’s Ivanstone, Erebus, and Bohemond’s Office, three distinct locations brimming with life and beautifully detailed with the game’s pixel art style.

Gameplay in SacriFire looks to blend together typical JRPG combat and systems with more real-time movement. The trailer shows off exploring towns, opening chests, and battling all kinds of monsters and demon-looking foes.

The trailer revealed that SacriFire is coming to PC in 2023. Make sure to wishlist the game on Steam to keep track of when it’s release. Just note that, as of writing, the Steam page indicates that the game is scheduled for 2022 instead of the correct release year of 2023. Stay tuned to Shacknews for more announcements from the hottest shows this season as well as our own E6 2022 on June 14.

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