Saints Row Boss Factory lets you create your character before launch

Create your character before the release of Saints Row with the free Boss Factory game.


Summer Game Fest continues to serve up exciting announcements, with the latest being the Saints Row Boss Factory game. This unique character creator is a standalone experience that lets players create their character well before the launch of the full game. If you take ages to create your character, you’ll at least now have plenty of lead time before release. Check out the trailer below.

I don’t know about you, but creating a character in video games is a time-consuming process. With so many dials to turn and sliders to… well… slide, it can take a while to fine-tune your exact look. To make matters worse, sometimes you want to just get straight into the game and play. Thankfully, the team at Volition are giving players more lead time here, allowing them to create their boss well before Saints Row’s full release.

There looks to be a whole lot of details to tweak in the Boss Factory. You could stick to something normal and create yourself, or go really wild and design some kind of vampire. Thanks to cloud gaming, you can save your boss to the cloud and then download it once Saints Row releases, letting you get straight into the action.

With Saints Row Boss Factory now available, players have a couple of months to create their character. Saints Row is scheduled to release on August 23, so dive in now and start forming your ideal boss – you’ve got a world to rule. Stop by the Shacknews Summer Game Fest page for a look at the hottest titles announced so far and keep your eye on our 2022 video game release date calendar.

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