Killer Frequency is Team 17's first VR game

Team 17 is getting into the VR action with horror game, Killer Frequency.


If you’re a fan of horror games and you’re looking for your next spike of adrenaline, look no further than Team 17’s debut VR title. Called Killer Frequency, the game was unveiled during the Upload VR Showcase 2022 and managed to capture our attention with little more than a hallway and a creepy jumpscare. Take a look at the trailer below!

Known for its plethora of Worm titles, Team 17 has since spread its wings beyond the humble crawling creatures into other titles like the Overcooked series. The company also has a long list of published titles, but it looks like the team is ready to tackle the next frontier of gaming with Killer Frequency.

The trailer for Team 17’s first VR title gives players a little insight into the type of game it will be. Using nothing but the distant rumble of thunder, a hallway, some other-worldly sounding music, and flickering lights, Killer Frequency immediately sets the tone as a spooky, must-play horror title. It also helps that a sickly green light can be seen glowing through a door before a rather in-your-face jumpscare occurs.

The Killer Frequency Steam page offers a little more insight into the game’s story. Players take on the role of late-night radio host Forrest Nash as they answer calls, solve puzzles, and save lives while being hunted by a killer. This looks to be the VR version of a game by the same name released in 2019 as part of an Adventure Jam.

While there are no specific dates, Killer Frequency is expected to release in 2022. Stay tuned to Shacknews for the latest announcements this week and next. Be sure to also stop by on June 14 for the start of Shacknews E6 2022.

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