Apple adding AFib heart health history in Watch OS 9

A better way to track and monitor AFib history on Apple Watch.


During the Apple WWDC keynote presentation on June 6, a number of announcements were made for Apple Watch and WatchOS 9 including the addition of atrial fibrillation (AFib) heart health history. With this addition, Apple Watch owners who experience recurrent AFib can better monitor their AFib history. For example, how often the Apple Watch owner is in a state of AFib.

Apple adding AFib heart health history in Watch OS 9

AFib, for those who aren't familiar, is an abnormal heartbeat such as an overly fast heart beat, or irregular heartbeat. Being able to detect AFib is extremely useful in and of itself, especially in regards to keeping an eye on heart health. Not all heart issues are singular events like a heart attack though, and can be an ongoing problem that requires close monitoring.

With that in mind, it's exciting to hear Apple Watch not only detects AFib, but now lets you track AFib history over the span of a week, for example. The Apple WWDC keynote had a plethora of information on other updates as well, including how Messages is getting edit, unsent, and mark unread features in iOS 16

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